2017 Secondary 2 Subject Option Exercise

Students who have issues with their logins may email directly to me at [email protected].
We will reset your password to the original.

If you need assistance in appeal, please download the Userguide from the attachment below.

You are advised to rank your Subject Options based on your interest and aptitude.
The Username and Password will be issued to you by your Form Teacher.


20 Oct 2017 (8am) to 25 Oct 2017 (6pm) Submission of Subject Option via Student Portal*
10 Nov 2017 (12pm) Release of Subject Option Results
10 Nov 2017 (12pm) to 17 Nov 2017 (12pm) Appeal window
By 24 Nov 2017 Release of appeal results

* Print a copy of the option form. Option form is to be signed by parents and students and to be handed in to your Form Teachers by 26 Oct 2017.
Please download the User Guide for your reference.

PDF icon SAPS_STC_Student Guide_2017_10_09.pdf1001.74 KB